Timeless Wedding Designs by  a Professional Wedding Planner

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Dedication to Detail and Perfection

An eye for detail and a yearning for perfection is what the founders and the staff are consistently implementing. Our […]

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Rentals- The Perfect Prop

We have a host of banquet chairs, tables, chandeliers, table centerpieces, crystals, trusses, artificial flowers, and fabric draping among a […]

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Fashion Shows – The Paparazzi Prelude

The Glamour, The Glitz, The Grandeur, Creativity at its finest, Sharpness at its best and Panache at its purest is […]

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Corporate Events – The Poised Punctuation

Beyond the awards & recognition, the camaraderie & togetherness and the primary presentations of team leaders comes the organized planning […]

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Weddings – The Priceless Perfection

With life changing vows and life changing decisions, come the life changing decor & ambience to communicate your commitment to […]

From creative designs and enchanting themes of floral mystique, to the silent shimmering cascades unto the lap of the resplendent rain, our designers hand pick every element that forms into the creation of magnificence. Just as no precious moment can be left to chance, the time you enter the doors of our world, our incredibly deep & flawless commitment to making your ceremony a memorable one will be left imbibed into your heart and mind for eternity. We would be honored to share with you your dream weddings from the City of Glamour Dubai.