Dedication to Detail and Perfection

An eye for detail and a yearning for perfection is what the founders and the staff are consistently implementing. Our focus in TanseeQ is to gift our clients with Floral creations, backdrops, catwalks, table arrangements and props that are woven together through extensive thought process and implementation to pave the path for an enchanting memorable journey.

Rentals – The Perfect Prop

We have a host of banquet chairs, tables, chandeliers, table centerpieces, crystals, trusses, artificial flowers, and fabric draping among a wide variety of decorative items. Just give us a call and we would be delighted to accommodate your requirements.

Fashion Shows – The Paparazzi Prelude

The Glamour, The Glitz, The Grandeur, Creativity at its finest, Sharpness at its best and Panache at its purest is what fashion is all about. The tantalizing walk of beautifully crafted fabric, the gracefulness of aesthetic creation and the immaculate blend of east and west all brought to life on the catwalk of glamour to the eyes of the universe, is what comes so smooth to the globally respected and dominant brand of TanseeQ.

Be it the critically acclaimed collection of Zareena or the exclusive collection of Giorgio Armani, TanseeQ is the power brand which sculpts, shimmers & shapes to the catwalk, the wild, the whacky and the wonderful world of Fashion.

With TanseeQ – your fashion diamonds are shown the Paparazzi Prelude

Corporate Events – The Poised Punctuation

Beyond the awards & recognition, the camaraderie & togetherness and the primary presentations of team leaders comes the organized planning of momentous corporate reflection. The engineering of such events takes precision, planning and pin-point execution and juxtaposing it with experience, credentials and a mastermind team of professionals.

TanseeQ with its proactive intuitiveness formulates and scripts out the evolution of such themes where the objectives of the organization, the needs of the organizer and the hopes of the ostentatious followers are all orchestrated in perfect harmony.

The result, the appreciative applause, the goodwill of greatness and the eternal exclamation for all.

Weddings – The Priceless Perfection

With life changing vows and life changing decisions, come the life changing decor & ambience to communicate your commitment to each heart and soul. Every eye, every breath and every step your friends, your family and your future take into the clandestine celebration should be moments at its peak.

At TanseeQ, our family of the finest hand picked designers will capture your essence to promulgate a finish; be it the shimmer in the ceiling, the softness on the wall, the perfumed flora on the table, the silky fabric, the seat of comfort or the aesthetic, elaborate yet tranquil center piece – all these eclectic elements will form the concept to create one of the finest moment of a lifetime.

With TanseeQ, your weddings will become Priceless Perfection.